Welcome to my Restaurant

This is a great place for a business meeting or to bring a date!


The routes are stored in the 'routes' directory. This scaffold comes with two sample routes out of the box: index and api. To test each route, click the following links:

Static Assets

Static assets (images, js, css, etc) are located in the "public" directory. The image below is rendered from the 'images' directory of the public folder:

When deployed on Turbo Vertex, static assets are automatically distributed to a global CDN so there is no need to set that up. If you decide to eject and deploy this project on your own architecture, you will have to configure a CDN distribution (or at least you should).


To deploy, connect the project to a Turbo 360 project using the APP_ID (from root directory):

$ turbo app APP_ID
Then deploy by simply entering the deploy command:
$ turbo deploy
When deployment is complete, you will see a live link where you can access the project on the internet!